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Hello and Welcome to my Gallery Page brought to you by Mark Campbell from CarScene UK Media 

Professional Motorsport Photography at affordable prices to meet your needs...

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Mark Campbell is a multi award winning photographer based in Exeter England, specialising in Formula One and the automotive industry, endeavouring to cover events and commissions in a creative and artistic manner using natural light and colour to their maximum effect.

Clients include McLaren, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, BMW, Toyota, Pirelli, Rolex, Bridgestone, FIA, Henri Lloyd, Time, F1Racing, Car Graphic, MINI CHALLENGE UK, Car, Top Gear, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Observer, British Touring Car Championship, The Sun, and British GT.

I first started out working at the Home Track of Formula One (Silverstone) on Security for over 4 years looking after Hospitality and F1 Teams where i got up close to some of the top racing drivers in the world. A few to name and looked after and met personally Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher, Massa, Riccardo, Martin Brundle, Jake Humphries, Damon Hill, Nico Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Jason Plato, Matt Neal, George Russell,   Jake Hill, Niki Lauda, Christian Horner and many more to name.

My Photography career started when i had a cheap Nikon D40 with a 18-200mm lens and started off taking random photos, where i look back now and wonder what the hell i was doing, but after picking up some tips from the pro's such as the all time award winning Photographer Mark Sutton who is the pinnacle top tog in F1 gave me some advice and could see i had an eye for detail in my photos. From there i took more and more photos and then was given a chance to cover a championship with a driver called Charlie Butler Henderson who is well know like his sister Vickie Butler Henderson who is on Fifth Gear where he took part in the Time Attack UK Championship.

I was his Official Photographer for a number of years and then joined the MINI CHALLENGE UK Championship which is where i made my mark in Motorsport history for me where i was asked to be the Official Photographer for the Championship and look after a grid of 34 cars.... !!! Not many....

My work was up against me to work quickly and efficiently in getting the photos required by the championship and team and drivers. I had to upgrade my gear as time went on and before you knew it i had more lenses and bodies to keep up with the high demand of images i take over a weekend and need a good shutter rate to get those motion blur images..

I then worked with a BTCC Team in conjunction of my work in the MINI CHALLENGE UK and most of my weekends are booked up covering both and was the Official Photographer for the Team for a number of years.  

In addition to my motorsport work i also work on more personal photography shot away from the race tracks of the world. When possible with my work being busy at home i shot for a Celebrity Agency where i attend Events and Movie Prems to anything that might be required by clients to Weddings and Media & PR events. 

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